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Monthly archive for January 2012

” Bed bugs warm to London “

personal loans in michiganpayday London has become a “perfect breeding ground” for bed bugs, experts warn today. The average bed could harbour up to 1.5 million of the mites, which can trigger asthma and allergies. “London is a real hotbed for dust mites,” said Marcella Ucci of

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” Bedbugs return to British hotels “

clients from Bedbugs are staging a comeback in hotel rooms across Britain, records of complaints from guests show. The bloodsucking insects, which travel on clothing and luggage and bite people while they sleep, have been on the rise in recent years according to pest control services experts.

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” Bed bugs: How to cut your risk “

Ordinarily, I’m proud to see my hometown earn a top spot in a ranking. But when the pest control services firm Terminix released a list this week of the 15 most bedbug infestestation cities, and I saw New York at spot number one, all I could do

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” How Bedbugs Invaded New York “

New York City is under attack from a mass infestation of bedbugs that is leaving a trail of itching, sleep deprivation and panic in its wake. Since the early days of moving pictures, a favourite staple of Hollywood has been to imagine New York city being invaded

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” Bed Bugs – Why Are They a Big Issue Right Now? “

  Bed bugs, tiny little rust-colored insects of the Cimicidae family, live by feeding on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded hosts. They get their name from their favorite habitat: mattresses (they like sofas and other cushy furniture, too). Bed bugs are most active at night,

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” BA apologises after bed bugs complaint “

British Airways has apologised to a woman passenger after she complained of being bitten by bed bugs on two flights. Business executive Zane Selkirk, 28, said she had been bitten on a Los Angeles-London flight last month and a Bangalore-London service earlier this month. BA said it

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” Bed Bugs – the Blood Sucking Pest “

Bed Bugs they are everywhere. One can encounter articles on bed Bugs to the left and right; in science journals and online. Why is everyone so interested in bed Bugs? Because they are pest, and if we have them in our homes, thus we need to know

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” Bedbugs are booming: Bloodsucker invades 24% more homes “

Britain is facing a pandemic of bedbugs that could leave millions of homes infested. The number of properties invaded by the biting parasites has shot up by nearly a quarter in the past year alone as we find out from pest control. The soaring population follows a

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” New York’s bed bug problem spreading to London “

Avoiding New York and boiling your suitcase might not be enough for Londoners to dodge the global bed bug pandemic – they’re already here, probably in a hotel, house or cinema near you. Apple seed-sized, flat, brownish bed bugs (also known as Cimicidae) were once rife all

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” Bed-bug Airways: BA grounds two jumbos after woman tells how flights left her covered in bites “

British Airways grounded two jumbo jets after a passenger complained of being badly bitten by bed bugs during two separate long-haul flights. The airline contact pest control London and fumigated one of the planes on which it confirmed there had been an infestation and apologised to the

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