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” Bedbugs return to British hotels “

Bedbugs are staging a comeback in hotel rooms across Britain, records of complaints from guests show.

The bloodsucking insects, which travel on clothing and luggage and bite people while they sleep, have been on the rise in recent years according to pest control services experts. Now a survey of complaints to councils shows that the problem is growing in some of Britain’s most popular tourist hot spots. Central London was worst hit but hotels in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, Birmingham, Sheffield and Liverpool were also affected. Two guests had to be treated in A&E including one who suffered blood poisoning after being bitten by bugs, according to data provided by the councils or Pest Control London. One woman claimed to have had to awoken to find herself covered in between 60 and 100 welts while her boyfriend had “probably in the vicinity of 300”. Another visitor, from New Zealand, complained of being covered “from head to foot” in bed bug bites which ruined her holiday.

Many of the complaints, obtained by The Independent newspaper, involve budget accommodation but top range hotels charging hundreds of pounds a night were also affected. Rentokil, the pest control specialist, reported last year that bedbug cases had doubled, with a 40 per cent rise in call-outs from airlines, train and bus companies. Experts believe that greater international travel and a warmer climate are to blame for the resurgence. The Independent asked for records of complaints about bedbugs in 12 cities, which also included Cardiff, Manchester, Belfast, Leeds and Bradford. Of the 47 complaints recorded, as many as of 32 of them were in Westminster, while Glasgow had five cases, while Edinburgh and Bristol each had three, there were two in Birmingham, and one each in Sheffield and Liverpool.

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