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” How To Keep Your House Cockroach Free “

A flying cockroach inside a house is one of the most disgusting things that can happen in your home. They are literal flying germs and disease objects. Cockroaches usually go inside houses for the sole purpose of survival, meaning they need food and shelter plus a place

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” Bed Bugs Attack the Wall Street Journal “

First it was the Abercrombie & Fitch store. Then Niketown. Movie theaters. Howard Stern’s Sirius studio. Now, it appears New York’s bed bugs are turning their itchy and scratchy attention on Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. headquarters. According to the Wall Street Journal, a “section of the fourth

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” What Spreads Faster Than Bedbugs? Stigma “

Jeremy Sparig spent months fighting bedbugs. Now, to some people, he is like a mattress left on the street, something best avoided in these times.“They don’t want to hug you anymore; they don’t want you coming over,” said Mr. Sparig, of East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. “You’re like a

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” Google building infested by bed bugs “

The internet giant’s New York headquarters have fallen prey to a city-wide outbreak of bed bugs. They are reddish-brown, smaller than an apple seed, have a taste for human blood and when they bite they itch like hell. And now the onward march of the common bedbug

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” Lawyer bitten by bed bugs sues leading London hotel “

A New York lawyer is suing a leading London hotel after he and his wife were attacked by bed bugs. Sidney Bluming and his wife Cynthia are seeking several million dollars in damages from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group in the action filed at the US District

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” Roaches today, robots tomorrow – models mimic domestic pests’ agility, speed “

The lowly cockroach, loathed as an abhorrent creature worth crushing beneath one’s shoe, has found respect in an unlikely place — a robotics laboratory at Stanford University. Led by engineering Professor Mark Cutkosky, Stanford researchers are building robots that will replicate the cockroach’s remarkable speed and agility.

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” Major bed bug spike hits Toronto “

Toronto is experiencing a dramatic spike in the number of bed bug infestations, according to a new report. The report, funded in part by the city and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term care, found that over an eight-month period in 2008, Toronto Public Health

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” Keeping Those Bed Bugs From Biting “

bankruptcy before Throughout my early childhood I was tucked into bed with a gentle admonition: “Good night, sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Not that my parents or I had ever seen a bed bug or known anyone bitten by one. But these days this

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” Don’t let the bedbugs bite “

“Night night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite…” It’s long been a favourite rhyme to send children off to sleep. But with experts warning of a worldwide bedbug pandemic, will any of us be able to sleep once we’ve turned out the light, asks Tom de

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” A Needless, Nationwide Bed Bug Epidemic “

There really is no mystery to solving the nationwide bed bug epidemic. In 1946 the solution was DDT. Today the solution could still be DDT if it hadn’t been banned by the Environmental Protection Agency in the 1970s and, since then, any number of other beneficial pesticides.

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