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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you’re looking for please contact us and we will try to reply as fast as possible.

  • Do I have to have the desinfection done in the whole house if I have spotted the bed bugs only in one room?

If the customer wishes so we can commence our work only in one room however in 50% cases while doing the inspection of the rest of the house we usually find signs of problems in other rooms as well. Since there are common areas in the house like the hallway, kitchen or the bathroom you can quite easily transfer the eggs throughout the whole house. The bed bugs alone are known to travel on their own as well using the spaces under the floor boards. That’s why only a full house desinfection can give you a 100% assurance that the problem has been taken care off.

  • We found bed bugs in our bed. Should we discarded the mattress?

In most of cases there is no need. Only in really extreme cases when the infestation is very big and the mattresses are in bad condition for example with holes, in that occasion we will recommend to replace them. Our task is to get rid of the problem without exposing customers to future expenditure.

  • Month ago we had done desinfection. There is no trace after the bed bugs. Can we wash the carpets now?

Of course we recommend washing the carpets, however no earlier than few weeks after the treatment was done. Carpet cleaning will help get rid of the remnants of dead insects which is not always possible to remove by vacuum cleaner.

  • It turn out that we have Bed bugs at home. We decided to move out. Is it enough?

Definitely it’s not enough. Every sixth customer admits during our visit that the Bed bugs moved with him from the previous home. When you moving from house to house you have to be really careful, but still is there risk that you can take the Bed Bugs with you to the new property, what may become apparent immediately or after a certain time. We recommend to do the desinfection in new house as well to have 100% certainty.

  • Are my children and pets safe?

All pesticides are harmful if they are not used correctly. Every precaution will be taken by the Pest Control Service to ensure the safety of humans and domestic pets. Detailed risk assessments c before any treatment is started.

  • How much does your service cost?

There are fixed prices for certain treatments which depends on flat size and pest type, otherwise our operatives will need to visit your premises to carry out a survey and give you a free quotation. You can always contact us for free and professional advice.

  • How do I pay?

You can pay by cash, credit or debit card or banking transfer in advance.

  • Is it possible to leave extra Chemicals/Baits so I can use them in the future?

 No the chemicals we use are only supplied to trained pest control technicians and cannot be supplied to the general public as they are dangerous to use without training.

  • Do the pesticides smell and do I need to move out?

The pesticides currently used do not smell. Although the occupier does not have to move out but we require that the occupier need to leave the property for 3-4 hours while the treatment is being carried out as the pesticides induces coughing and sneezing.

  • Which kind of methods are you using to do the treatments?

The methods depends of building conditions, infestation size etc. We are using few methods like spray, fooger, smoke and aeration.

  • How to prepare kitchen for the treatment?

In the kitchen you have to make sure that during the treatment all food properly secured and retracted including pets food and pets staff. The rest of the staff like dishes or pots can stay in the cupboards, there is no need to remove them.

  • Will the treatment harm my furniture?

No, currently pesticides do not stain furniture.

  • Can you be discreet?

We do everything to ensure the confidentiality of our customers. If you wish there will be no PCS cars in front of your property. We use unmarked vehicles in order.

  • Would you be able to offer a contract service for businesses?

Yes we can offer a pest control contract with a variety of different options for visits. We will also build into the contract a call out agreement to deal with a specific problem.

  • I have recently returned from a foreign holiday. When I get up in the morning there are bite marks on my body.<

It is quite possible you have returned from your holiday with some uninvited guests, probably bed bugs. You may find some blood spots on your sheets or evidence of dirt around your mattress and headboard. These are bed bug faeces, sure evidence of an infestation. This is something you cannot deal with yourself. Contact us now for an appointment to visit and treat your infestation.

  • What can I do if I just got back from a place where there might have been bed bugs?

Launder your clothes before or as soon as these items are brought back into the home. Once you are at home you should unpack on a white sheet or foil that will allow you to see bed bugs. Unpack directly into plastic bags for taking clothes to the laundry on a hot wash with a detergent.

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