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” Lawyer bitten by bed bugs sues leading London hotel “

A New York lawyer is suing a leading London hotel after he and his wife were attacked by bed bugs. Sidney Bluming and his wife Cynthia are seeking several million dollars in damages from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group in the action filed at the US District Court, Manhattan.

The couple claim they suffered hundreds of bed bug bites that left their skin red, swollen and itchy during a five-day stay at the Hyde Park hotel last May. They also say the bugs infested their luggage, which led to further problems in their apartment when they returned home. Mrs Bluming claims the trauma was made worse as she is recovering from cancer and her immune system is still weak. Their lawyer, Michael Weinstein, said they were forced to fumigate their home and throw away clothing, bedding, luggage and personal effects, recommend Pest Control London. Mr Weinstein added: “People associate bed bugs with more of a lower end class of hotel. Clearly, that is not the case here. The Mandarin is as premier and luxurious as any hotel could make themselves out to be.” Jill Kluge, communications director for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, said: “We can confirm a regrettable, but isolated, incident of infestation occurred in May 2006 within one guest room at our London property.

“On discovery, a full investigation was carried out and the problem fully rectified. There have been no subsequent incidents. The matter has been referred to our insurers. “Mandarin Oriental’s policy is to operate with the highest standards of conduct and pest control, with stringent hygiene systems and processes in place at all of our hotels to safeguard the health and safety of our guests.” The hotel chain is accused of fraud, negligence, recklessness, intentional infliction of emotional distress deceptive trade practice and nuisance.

Source: Daily Mail, 2007

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