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Oriental Cockroach


   (Blatta Orientalis)


There are about 30 species of cockroaches living in human environment. The German cockroach and the Oriental cockroach are the most common pest species in the UK. They live in warm conditions found within buildings and are perfect adapted to all human settlements. Cockroaches are active at night and avoid light. The insects eat organic matter in any form. They are scavengers and may turn cannibalistic in times of food shortage. The adult German cockroach measures about 1.3 – 1.6 cm (0.51-0.63 in) long and is brown to almost black. Cockroaches can be found at any kind of human settlement. However, the insects prefer warm places where they may easily come across food waste such as restaurants, pubs, food processing facilities, shops, hotels, hospitals, day nurseries, schools and domestic kitchens.

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Regarding Oriental Cockroach treatment we are offering prices starting from £69.99. Call us to find out some more details and book your treatment today. When you arrange a treatment we will send you via e-mail a list of works which must be done before the treatment will be undertaken.


The cleaner the infested areas the better chance of success any treatment will have. Clean under and in cookers, fridges etc. All areas up and down (cockroaches can climb) need to be cleaned and de greased thoroughly. Contact your neighbours or any building connected to yours to see if they have a problem. Treatments of large, communal, buildings will only work if the whole building is treated at the same time.


The treatment for cockroaches take one visit to eradicate a current infestation. After a full inspection of the property a gel bait insecticide is applied in all areas where the cockroaches are active. This gel utilises a new formulation technology based upon a bait with ‘suspended action’, which ensure that the target insect continues to feed on the bait but is not able to recognize it as a source of poisoning and resulting death. The final outcome is more effective and complete control without the need for prolonging treatment time.


Try to keep living areas clean especially kitchen, regularly remove food residues and organic waste as well as keep food in closed containers. Try to refrain from washing down treated surfaces as this will wash away some or all of the insecticide or bait. The cleaner the premises are kept the more successful any treatments will be, and any infestations will be kept to a minimum.

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