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Terms & Conditions

Health & Safety

1.1. Clear recommendations are made during inspections or treatments. Failure to heed this reasonable recommendations detailed in the report may cause that the success of any treatments undertaken cannot therefore be guaranteed.

1.2. The Customer shall take all reasonable precautions necessary to protect the health and safety of persons using the premises and any equipment contained within.

1.3. The customer must observe and/or comply with any health and safety precautions and requirements as made by the pest technicians during the undertaking of the work.

2. Payments The payments need to be made to PCS Pest Control Services as agreed in the Service Agreement. For customers who do not have a signed contract and or service agreement with PCS, the company operates a strict payments policy of cash or credit/debit card collection before the treatment.

3. PCS Pest Control Services Obligations

3.1. The pest control service will be carried out in a professional manner at regular intervals as specified in the service agreement. The technician will use and apply pesticides and monitoring devices, as they deem appropriate on each visit. Any infestation covered by the agreement and discovered during a visit will be treated immediately.

3.2. The technician will report to the site contact on each visit and will leave a written report on the findings, treatments and recommendations made during the inspections.

3.3. Additional visits/treatments to control the pests specified on the service agreement will be carried out free of charge but requested additional visit will be carried out with the lower charge.

4. The customer’s Obligations

4.1. To minimise pest incidence by carrying out in reasonable time those recommendations made by pest control technician. (cf 3.2. above)

4.2. To provide access for PCS Pest Control representatives to carry out its services at any reasonable time or as specified.

4.3.To prepare the premises before the pest control treatment will be undertaken in accordance with the pest control guidelines.

4.4. To make prompt payment. (cf 2. above)

5. Guarantee Period

5.1. The stated guarantee period is only valid if all of the recommendations/observations listed by the pest technician on the sheet of the report and/or invoice have been promptly completed following completion of the proofing works and to good standard.

5.2. The stated guarantee period is only valid if aspects of the proofing service were able to be completed by the pest technician and to his satisfaction – rooms/areas of the property omitted from the proofing service trough the intervention of second/third parties of failure to co-operate with reasonable requests of the pest technician will null and void the guarantee period of the property as a whole.

5.3. The subsequent second/third party tampering of any of the proofing works carried out by the pest technician or the failure to allow adequate cure periods – as detailed in the report – will null and void the guarantee period.

5.4. The subsequent exposure of the proofed areas and proofing materials used during the service to unnecessary or excessive ‘wear and tear’ outside of what is reasonable to expect or previously in place for the location will null and void the guarantee period.

5.5. Consistent with the recommendations made by pest technician before the treatment regarding the preparation of the premises for treatment is very important element in the guarantee. If the premises will not be prepared prior to treatment in accordance to recommendations given by pest technician or PCS representative – will null and void the guarantee period.

5.6. Guarantee applies only for the following insects: wasps, bed bugs, cockroaches, does not apply to mice and rats.

5.7. The treatments against insects mention in cf 5.6. above have two months warranty since last treatment after the job completed or/and if not specified otherwise in the report. It includes only one free of charge treatment in the room where the problem have been found again and also the proof need to be found. In case if the proof will not be found we can offer to the customer extra retribution treatment with the lower charge.

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